Kids in a candy store?

August 1, 2008 at 8:59 pm Leave a comment

Nope, two food-lovers in a Williams-Sonoma, with $200 in free gift cards.

When we got married, we decided to merge our finances. Luis’ old credit card had points he’d accrued over the years. Over 20,000 of them, actually. I decided to see what wondrous things these points could do, and for the most part, the rewards were a bit blah unless you had a lot more points to spend. But when I checked out the gift card section, there was Williams-Sonoma, shining like a culinary beacon.

The hard part is deciding what to buy. There are things that we don’t need, but are so lovely that they keep calling me back to the site for another look. Then there are practical things, like a Cook’s Illustrated-approved knife sharpener.

Speaking of sharpeners, we had a discussion earlier this week about the old adage “a sharp knife is always the safest knife.” I get the reasoning, really I do, but I also can’t help but to have noticed that since using sharper knives, I’ve sliced my hand at least five times (with varying degrees of severity). That didn’t happen when I used a steak knife to saw away at a tomato.

Anyway, we do plan to buy the knife sharpener, and maybe stock up on some band-aids.


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